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May you have the kind of birthday that you have dreamed off! - may you have angels to sing your birthday song and may you have the biggest chocolate cake ever! You deserve it because you have always been as kind as an angel and as sweet as a chocolate. Happy Birthday!
Got this as soon as I could, but I know I am still late. So, instead of sending you birthday wishes, I will wish you joys for the rest of the year.
We wanted to get the best birthday present for you, so we are sending you the best wishes for your beautiful life. Happy Birthday!
Here is wishing you a birthday as amazing as you are! Your birthday marks the beginning on another year of sharing laughter and tear; happiness and joys; friendship that is out of this world; and you and me!
Through birthdays, God teaches us the realities of life. We should celebrate and thank God for blessing us with birthday. May your birthday be blessed!
Dear coach, it's exciting to know that you are having a birthday. Wishing you a great time!
Why do I love you? I love you for your smile, your eyes, your hands, your feet, your hair, your heart, your mind-and almost everything that you possess-including me myself. Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday! You are not just a co-worker but also a wonderful friend. I wish you truck full of happiness and good luck!
Wishing you great joys, never ending happiness, and everlasting smiles on your birthday! It is a day to celebrate-believe in your dreams and make a difference in the world.
Happy Birthday one-year old cutie sweetie honey buns! May your life be as colorful as the toys and as joyful as the circus clown!
You are two million times cuter than anyone else on the planet. Happy 2nd birthday!
Candles Cake balloons - three essentials for birthdays! You are three today-you deserve a real blast. Happy 3rd birthday!
FOUR is an important number - every car has four wheels. Today, you have turned four, so special congrats! Happy 4th Birthday!
Be cool - fifth year is the wonderful year, you get to make friends at school. Enjoy your 5th year. Happy Birthday!
You are six today. You have grown up fast. You look more beautiful than ever and you are smart, too. This makes you eligible for a special birthday hug. Happy 6th Birthday!
You are not just 7 years old today, you are smarter and stronger. Have fun this year! Happy 7th Birthday!
On your eighth birthday, I wish to hug you and kiss you eight times. Can I please do that? Happy 8!
You are the coolest nine years old kid I have ever come across. Trust me! Happy 9th Birthday!
TEN takes you to the next level of your life. It's a whole new world with different imagination, thoughts, feelings, behavior and dreams. May you have the best of everything, now and always! Happy 10th Birthday!
Wishing you a stylish and fashionable new year of your life! Happy 11th Birthday!
Hey! You are a teenager. This calls for a celebration. Happy 13th Birthday!
Thinking of you and all the sweet memories that we have had together! Your birthday is a perfect time to do that. Happy Birthday!
Hope surprises of all sizes and shapes make your birthday a memorable occasion for you. Happy Birthday!
You are a lovely birthday princess, who possesses enchanting charms and grace. You deserve a royal treatment today. Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday to the best twins in the world! I guess, you were born on the same time because that was the perfect time God chose to send down two angels.
You say the sweetest things; you do the nicest things; and you look the prettiest, always. Happy Birthday, my superlative Aunt!
Wishing you a truck full of happiness, now and always! Happy Birthday, cousin- have fun on your special day!
You are the perfect image of the ideal daughter that we had in our mind. Thanks for being so perfect! Happy Birthday, daughter!
We are lucky you are in our family. You always treat us like your own parents and we always think of you as our own daughter. Happy Birthday!
Hope your birthday brings joys, success and happiness for you. Happy Birthday, goddaughter!
On your birthday, I send you caring words and loving hugs. Happy Birthday, dear Godmother!
You are a little fairy sent down to us through the magic of God. Love you for everything. Happy Birthday, granddaughter!
You have always made me feel at home in your company. You are someone I can talk my heart to. Thanks for being in my life. Happy Birthday, grandma!
Your presence gives us a great sense of security, a feeling of being blessed and an amazing strength. Happy Birthday, mother!
You are nice, intelligent, elegant, classy and excellent - in short; you are everything that describes a niece. Have a great birthday!
You are the most beautiful sister in the whole world. You need no makeup and makeover to look beautiful. You are beautiful the natural way. Happy Birthday, pretty sister!
You are more than just a sister-in-law and today I wish to tell you that I strongly admire you. Happy Birthday, wonderful lady!
The special bond that we share is one of its kind in the world. You are the best step mom in the world. Happy Birthday! Have fun!
You are the snow white of my dreams; the Cinderella of my life; the fairy of my heart-You are a perfect fairytale wife with no flaws. Happy Birthday!
You don't often tell me how much you love me - since brothers don't like doing that but I want to tell you how much I love you, because it's your special day. Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday to a brother-in-law, who is charming, sensational, witty and smart! Live long!
Sending special wishes for a special cousin on his special day! Happy Birthday!
You are the man! The best daddy in the world - Happy Birthday, dad!
You have blessed me with your guidance, love and friendship. On your birthday, I send you prayers and love for a beautiful future. Happy Birthday, godfather!
Having a godson as intelligent and handsome like you have been the best part of my life! Happy Birthday, godson!
When it comes to being special - who, other than you could be the real master? Happy Birthday, grandpa!
Your birthday is a perfect time to send you this card and show you how much you are loved. Happy Birthday, grandson!
You deserve a special wish on your birthday. So, I am closing my eyes and wishing the world for you. Happy Birthday, nephew!
You have grown up to be a young man from a little boy. Today, when I see you, I see all my wishes and dreams come true. Happy Birthday, son!
Your birthday is a perfect time to tell you how glad we are to have an addition of the wonderful you in our lives. Happy Birthday, son-in-law!
You are a special step dad; the most special thing about you is that you look and act like a real dad. Happy Birthday, stepfather!
You have given me time, guidance, love, care, friendship and almost everything I could ever wish for. You are the best! Happy Birthday, uncle!
You haven't lost your charm even after these long years-you still feel as special as you did before. Happy Birthday, Mr. amazing!
Wow! You are 13 today - happy birthday and happy new start of a teenager life!
You are a star that fell down from sky to make this world a better place to live. Today, as you turn 16, the star in you shines bright and big. Happy 16th Birthday!
When you are 18, the world looks better, more beautiful and more promising. On your 18th birthday, I wish that the world becomes better, more hopeful and beautiful for you!
21st year is all about fun and maturity. It lies between a maturity and immaturity-you act like a baby but you look like a grown up. It's an exciting age full of wonders and joys. Happy 21st birthday!
Hey! Being 30 can be hard-you have to act mature and responsible but I hope you can handle that. Happy Birthday!
May your 40th year finds you smiling! - I wish I were a poet to write a poem for you on this special occasion but you have to suffice with a mere wish. Happy 40th birthday!
You might get a few gray hair and some wrinkles on your face. But, take only the sunny side of your growing age in mind. 50 is mature and respectful. Happy 50th birthday!
You have led 60 sensational years - make your 60th year a super sensational and your birthday a super duper sensational. You surely deserve that. Happy 60th Birthday!
Your birthday is special because it reminds us of all the last 65 years that you have lived with grace and beauty. Happy 65th Birthday!
May you always find happiness around and may every day be a day of joys and happiness for you! Happy 70th Birthday!
Happy 80th year! Learn from your mistakes and experiences, and spread the light of your understanding. Happy Birthday!
90th birthday means 90 candles on your birthday. WOW! I am curious and excited to see that. Happy Birthday!
Happy 100th Birthday - a special birthday bash for a special person on a special occasion!
Let's blow your birthday candles. It wouldn't take more than 10 hours. Happy Birthday!
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